“Ideally, a board of directors is informed, active, and advisory, and maintains an open but challenging relationship with the company’s CEO. In reality, this rarely happens.”

― Money for Nothing – How CEO’s and Boards Are Bankrupting America” by John Gillespie and David Zweig

Our New Name Reflects Our Critical Mission: American Institute of Certified Board Advisors

The Center for Strategic Business Integrity – CSBI, is now the American Institute of Certified Board Advisors Inc. – AICBA.

For many years, sitting on a Board of Directors has meant important things and served key organizational functions:  duty, material influence and individual recognition, to name just a few. At its core it has meant directing an organization through crisis, selecting its executive leadership, guiding it to greater things, protecting it from corruption and abuse.

We at AICBA believe that  Directors must proactively direct. They must do so with individual competence and integrity. They must be highly qualified. How does the organization find candidates with these attributes? How can the organization be sure that the candidate is who he or she says they are? This is the vital mission of the AICBA. We believe that the Certified Board Advisor™ (CBA) credential is the  way for qualified individuals to standout – advising and sitting on Boards of Directors. Our new name reflects this singularly important focus.

The CSBI was founded in 2014 by a small group of dedicated professionals with direct experience managing corporate crises that were triggered by poor strategic decision making and/or the breakdown of organizational integrity. These crises happened in some of America’s greatest and most well-respected enterprises.

From their unique perspective dealing with such infamous disasters as Enron, WorldCom, Lehman, and many others large and small, a critical insight was formed.  Many, if not all, of these tragic corporate collapses, might have been avoided or mitigated if individual Corporate Board Directors, supported by their Trusted Advisors, had stepped forward at the right time with competent decision-making and decisive Board Level executive oversight skills.

This insight led us to develop our mission:

Professionalize the role of Corporate Directorship by ensuring the decision-making and oversight competency of individual Directors as well as their Trusted Advisors through certification.

Organizations will gain an advantage when they appoint a Board Member or Advisor with the CBA credential because they can be confident that the new appointee is qualified and ready to contribute. Individuals who, through a history of accomplishment, earn the CBA credential can feel secure knowing they are about to move to a new level in their career and earning potential.

The AICBA, with almost a thousand accomplished professionals, is dedicated to strengthening, certifying and promoting the skills of induvial Directors and Trusted Advisors for America’s Boards.  We believe that the individual with the “right stuff” is the key to improved, professionalized  Directorship.

We believe that the Certified Board Advisor™ (CBA) credential is the right way to promote qualified individuals to sit on and advise America’s Boards. Our new name reflects this focus – the American Institute of Certified Board Advisors.