“Leaders are not just born. Sure, some people are born with strong competencies and strengths for leading in certain situations, but it is very clear that leadership can also be developed. That means that everyone can strengthen their skills and abilities to lead and influence.”

- Dr. Susan Madsen, Orin B. Woodbury Professor of Leadership and Ethics at Utah Valley University

Speaking Programs

The AICBA is available for group speaking engagements including Keynote addresses.  Our primary Keynote address is:

“The State of America’s Corporate Boards:

Where We Are & What We Can Do to Make It Better”

This address focuses on Corporate and Governmental Boards, that  are often missing in action when they are most needed. The past failure of Directors to direct has damaged America and will be discussed along with what should be done now. Organizational governance means much more than ticking off the box of narrow legal compliance. This case study, part of AICBA’s series on Board Leadership and Governance Series, is designed to provide a practical perspective on where we are today and where we need to go with Corporate Directorship.

Other topics are available and can be found in the CBA Training Section.

Our Summer/Early Fall Season has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 Crisis, but the AICBA is scheduling Late Fall/Winter engagements.

Please contact John L. Verna, Executive Assistant for more information.