AICBA Director & Advisor Training

Attend or create a training event that delivers measurable results – for every participant At AICBA, our core mission is to professionalize the boardroom by improving and certifying the strategic decision-making and oversight capabilities of Directors and their key Advisors. In keeping with this goal, all our training programs strive to equip Directors and their Board Advisors with ideas, strategies, tactics and tools to drive success. In short, we train Directors and their Advisors to direct -- not to be merely corporate governance technicians.

Our Skills Training Programs

At AICBA, we stand ready to help you grow through our ‘how-to’ skills training programs. All programs are built 100% on the skills you need to operate at your highest level as a Board member or Advisor. We work side by side with our members and clients to create, tailor and lead outstanding skills training programs. All program content, learning points, instructional methods, and session length are tailored to meet participant needs. We always address real world issues and provide the answers that work. Our most popular programs are listed below. Just click on any title for full program details. All are available in a variety of formats and delivery methods, including:

  • One hour, half day and full day live training
  • Summary briefings of up to one hour for live delivery at your board meetings
  • Technology-based delivery, including Webinars and Tele-seminars

All programs are lead by AICBA professionals with many years experience in their subject matter. Many instructors are directors or operating officers of AICBA. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list by clicking here. That way you’ll know immediately when new courses and Webinars are added to our calendar. Or contact us today to plan and design a program on these and other topics that will meet your training objectives!

Continuing Education Credits

All AICBA training seminars, webinars and other programs qualify for both CPA and CBA Continuing Education Credit.

Please review our Policy for Issuing CPE credits: AICBA HALL CONSULTING NASBA Policy Content for full details.


WEBINAR: The State of America’s Corporate Boards: Where We Are and What We Can Do To Make It Better


WEBINAR: Finding the Next CEO: Opportunities & Dangers for Directors & Their Trusted Advisors


WEBINAR: Getting on Boards: How to Get Your First Seat at the Table 


WEBINAR: Fraud Issues & Answers for Boards and Their Trusted Advisors 


WEBINAR: Mergers & Acquisitions: The Real Game for Directors and Their Trusted Advisors 


WEBINAR: Strategic Decision Making: Driving Positive Outcomes for Directors & Their Trusted Advisors 

The Board Leadership & Governance Course Series

An organization is a complex network of people which is ultimately only as good as those who lead it. These courses are designed to provide Directors and their Trusted Advisors with a practical framework for dealing with critical leadership issue.

  1. The State of America's Corporate Boards: Where We Are & Where We Need To Go
  2. Board Governance - The Human Element for Directors and Their Trusted Advisors
  3. Board Leadership: Essential Skills for Board Members and Their Trusted Advisors
  4. Getting on Boards - How to Get Your First Seat at the Table
  5. Finding the Next CEO: Opportunities & Dangers for Directors and Their Trusted Advisors

The Business Integrity and Crisis Response Course Series

These courses are designed to help Directors to cut through the “fog of fear and uncertainty” that comes from fraud and business irregularities. These programs specifically address proven practices at the three levels of risk management:

  • Prevention and deterrence
  • Quick detection
  • Efficient, effective incident response
  1. Fraud Issues Answers for Directors and Their Trusted Advisors
  2. Crisis And Investigative Management for Directors and Their Trusted Advisors
  3. Cooking the Books - What You Need to Know About Identification and Deterrence for Directors and Their Trusted Advisors