Regional Member Chapters

American Institute of Certified Board Advisors chapters are geographically organized. This structure provides an opportunity for members to meet periodically in their own region and exchange ideas and experiences that will help them grow as CBAs. The continual opportunity to network and advocate for Board membership to become a professional activity is always the overriding goal.

This cause needs leaders, please help us to establish chapters and make a difference.


Student Member Chapters

AICBA is absolutely committed to helping the next generation of leaders to develop specific skills to advance outstanding corporate directorship.

We are very interested in meeting with college and university representatives to establish AICBA Student Chapters and advance this essential area of study.

Interested students and faculty are encouraged to contact us. AICBA will provide applications, educational and training material.

Please join us and change the future.


Volunteer Opportunities

American Institute of Certified Board Advisors welcomes volunteers to become part of our Institute for advocacy in promoting effective corporate board participation. AICBA believes that the most important line of defense against corporate corruption, abuse of executive power and gross negligence is the direct, active and competent oversight provided by the Board of Directors.

Join us in our mission to enhance and protect shareholder value and stakeholder interests.