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Application for Certified Board Advisor - Professional Achievement Certification Program

To All of Our Professional Achievement Certification Program Applicants – Approval Process Timing

Please note that our approval process is comprised of two stages. Our 1st stage is a thorough review of the Professional Achievement Certification Application. If at this stage, preliminary approval is granted, the Applicant goes on to Stage 2 of our process.

Stage 2 is a background check involving the verification of selected areas of education, experience, certification/licensure and references along with both a criminal and civil background review. The process may also involve a personal interview.

After this evaluation process is complete, the CBA Approval Group reviews the results and votes on approval of individual candidates.

This multi-stage process can require between six to ten weeks to complete. Please be patient. This process is designed to protect the integrity of the Certified Board Advisor designation and you.

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