“Through hard work, risk taking and accomplishment, you have earned the CBA. Now reach out, get it and use it for the better!”

- Dan Testa, Chairman, AICBA

The CBA Professional Achievement Certification Program

The Certified Board Advisor™ (CBA) designation is a capstone certification that clearly shows that the holder is a proven leader with a commitment to taking personal responsibility for competent corporate governance and decision making.

The Professional Achievement Certification Program (Grandfathering Program) is a 2-stage non-examination based process that includes an evaluation of the candidate’s education, experience and accomplishments along with a rigorous background check of selected elements of the candidate’s history. Please see CBA Cerification Criteria for more information.

We encourage all experienced candidates to submit an application for Certification.  Please refer to the CBA Application for specifics.

Please note that the future CBA Examination for less experienced candidates is under development.

The CBA is a badge of executive accomplishment

Demonstrating to the World a superior level of leadership, technical excellence, broad educational accomplishment as well as strategic decision making and crisis management skills.

The CBA is a powerful step towards enhancing your career opportunities

The certification is a practical tool to promote yourself into a directorship or role as a trusted advisor to a board.

The Last Word

While AICBA considers past or current board membership or advisory experience important, what is most essential is a significant desire to personally and directly promote competency and integrity in America’s Boardrooms. To successfully pursue this goal, AICBA is working to identify and attract accomplished executives, directors and professionals to actively pursue significant governance roles using their CBA credential as a testament to competency and accomplishment. These qualities, along with a commitment to business integrity, make the CBA an outstanding candidate for Corporate Board Directorship and for the role of Trusted Advisor.

As a Certified Board Advisor, the experienced professional demonstrates to the World a superior level of technical excellence, broad educational accomplishment as well as strategic decision making and crisis management capabilities. Together, we can make the CBA designation the gold standard for the competent, pro-active roles of Board Leadership and Board Advisor.

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