“There is no such thing as a minor lapse of integrity.”

— Tom Peters

The Director’s Philosophy

The Institute is dedicated to developing and advocating a focused philosophy and a rational set of supporting principles to guide and drive corporate oversight.  

We believe that the most important line of defense against corporate corruption, abuse of executive power and gross strategic decision making negligence is the principled, direct, active and competent oversight provided by the board of directors. AICBA’s philosophy for guiding effective corporate directorship is embodied in the following principles:

  • Integrity first and always
  • Demand that the executives and the board work openly to enhance and protect shareholder value as well as other related stakeholder interests
  • Ask the right questions, demand the facts, demand the answers and challenge the conclusions
  • Have the right skills to understand the risks and evaluate related mitigating actions
  • Have the right skills to manage and evaluate the corporate oversight tools including: Internal Audit, Legal Compliance, Corporate Counsel, Outside Counsel, Financial Accounting & Reporting, the Outside Independent Auditors, Etc.
  • Actively foster a conflict free, leadership environment of strategic decision making competence and anti-corruption.


Today’s fast moving and complex Business Enterprise demands vigilant monitoring as well as responsive, integrated and competent Directorship to ensure Strategic Business Integrity.

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