“I will not lie, cheat or steal or tolerate those who do.”

- West Point Honor Code

The CBA Code of Conduct

All Certified Board Advisors™ must meet the rigorous criteria for admission to the American Institute of Certified Board Advisors. CBA’s will exemplify the highest moral and ethical standards and will agree to abide by the CBA Code of Conduct including:


"Serving on a board is about one thing: it's about responsibility for the preservation and growth of the enterprise. If you can't pass that test, you can't blame it on the CEO, you can't blame it on your fellow directors. You have to look at yourself in the mirror. We are in a major crisis of corporate leadership."

- William George, former CEO and chairman of Medtronic, Harvard Business School professor, and board member at several S&P 500 companies.


  1. A CBA will demonstrate rigorous, personal responsibility to the shareholders and other stakeholders of the enterprise to which he or she has a fiduciary duty.
  2. A CBA will not engage in any illegal or unethical conduct, or any activity which would constitute a conflict of interest with his or her role as a corporate director or as a trusted advisor to a corporate board of directors.
  3. A CBA will exhibit the highest level of integrity, professionalism, general competency, technical competency and diligence in the performance of all board duties and board advisory work.
  4. A CBA will comply with all lawful orders of the courts.
  5. A CBA will not reveal or use for personal gain any confidential information obtained while performing his or her board duties.
  6. A CBA will continually strive to improve the competence and effectiveness of all members of the board as well as those executives, staff and professionals under his or her direction.

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