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Join us in our Mission
The Certified Board Advisor Professional Achievement Certification Program

Dedicated to professionalizing the American Corporate Boardroom by improving and certifying the strategic decision making, oversight and crisis management capabilities of Directors and their Trusted Advisors.





“Don't follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you.”

- Margaret Thatcher

It's no secret...

It's no secret that the world is a more complicated place then ever before and that corporate strategy, vision development, planning, oversight and crisis management are more difficult than ever. Faced with Globalization of industry, the Rise of China, EU Turmoil, and the Internet, corporate boards and senior leadership are more than ever looking for Board Members and Advisors with the gravitas to help them move into the future and prosper.

One tool that organizations are using is the CBA (Certified Board Advisor) credential to help identify and engage individuals who can give boards and senior management the vision and insight to successfully move the corporation into the future. A CBA is someone with high level experience, education, strategic vision, and integrity, someone who looks beyond the current planning horizon to find opportunities and avoid pitfalls.

Is this you?



Ever wonder...

Have you ever wondered how Boards select their Corporate Directors and the other professionals tasked by the shareholders with advising Boards and Executive Leadership? Clearly, high level experience and education are factors; credentials also can play a role, sometimes a large role. The CPA and the JD are good credential for selecting Board Members and Advisors who will help with technical decisions. But what about the all important general executive qualifications?

The CBA (Certified Board Advisor) is increasingly used to identify new Board Members and Advisors who have the high level experience, vision and gravitas needed to guide an organization forward. A CBA can directly impact key issues and avoid serious errors in:

  • Making Good Strategic Decisions and Avoiding Material Missteps

  • Providing Essential Oversight of Corporate Activities: Avoiding Negligence and Abuse of Power

  • Urgently Responding to and Guiding Management of Crisis Threatening the Very Core of the Enterprise

  • Mitigating Damage to the Corporation, Shareholders, and other Stakeholders While Driving Towards Success

If you represent a Board looking for a new Director or Trusted Advisor, as well as other Strategic Services, we can help you. Go here to learn how.

If you are an experienced problem-solver consider joining the ranks of Corporate Directors and their Trusted Advisors: apply for and earn the CBA Designation through our Professional Achievement Certification Program and make an impact. Go here to learn how.