“If you want to stand-out, you must visibly take a stand.”

- John L. Verna– AICBA

The Book of Certified Board Advisors™

To be published in 2023. 

The Book will list all CBAs who wish to be included in this extensive distribution to over 500 selected organizations which regularly search for or assist in the search for potential Board Members and Advisors.

The distribution will include, but not be limited to, the most prominent Venture Capitalist, Private Equity Firms, Turn-Around Advisors, Law Firms and Corporate Director Recruiters.

The AICBA mission is to professionalize the American Board Room by certifying the skills and background of current and potential Directors and Trusted Board Advisors.  We recognize the great challenges encounter by many fully qualified people in obtaining these vital and coveted Board positions.

Board recruitment is often at best, a private affair involving the personal networks of current Board Members including the CEO and their Trusted Advisors tapping into their relationships with Law, Private Equity, Venture Capital and Executive Recruiting Firms.  Sometimes the recruitment of a Director is a random affair. Occasionally, Director recruitment is handled by one of several prominent Executive Recruiting Firms, who generally select candidates from an already established pool of “known” people. The AICBA is actively attempting to influence this process for the better by providing direct access to our pool Certified Board Advisors.

Requirements for Inclusion:

  1. You must be a CBA in good standing.
  1. You must submit both a Bio of no more than half a page along with a professional Resume of no more than 2 pages. Both documents must be in the standard AICBA Bio/Resume format. Submissions go to JohnLVerna@AICBA.com.
  1. All documents must be received by the submission deadline along with the Book of CBAs inclusion payment of $299 for the first year and $199 for every year thereafter.
  1. Please go here to make your Payment. The precise parameters of our Standard Format will be sent to you.

Submission deadline for the 2023 Edition is March 2023.

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